Lexington Public Library - Eastside Branch

What once was the Land Rover Car Dealership is now the Lexington Public Library Eastside Branch. In repurposing this building, it was important to keep elements of the dealership including the casework,flooring and windows. However, sometimes repurposing can create some challenges.We addressed the vast amount of windows with Mecho shades that provided high level of light control. The beautiful custom floor in the front round room became a perfect lounge area for periodicals and we matched the new finishes to the existing casework to maintain a fluid design throughout the space.

  • Client :

    Lexington Public Library - Eastside Branch

  • Complete Date:

    April 29, 2016

  • Elements of Design:

    Mecho Shades, Fireplace, Lounge Seating, Work Stations, Self Check-out, Circulation Desk, Children's area, Shelving, End Panels, Teen Room, Maker Space

  • Services:

    Interior Design, Space Planning, Light Control, Furniture Procurement, Collection Moving, Installation, Finish Selections

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