University of Kentucky Student Center

At KPC, we love everything that is UK so we were so excited to partner with the University of Kentucky, Perkins & Will, Omni Architects & Messer Construction to bring the new University of Kentucky Student Center to life. With the strong "UK" branding, it was fun to use that signature color on so many of our furniture pieces. Our favorite part of all of our projects is to go back & see how they are being used & we LOVE to see so many students using, loving & enjoying this space!

  • Client :

    University of Kentucky Student Center

  • Complete Date:

    July 20, 2018

  • Elements of Design:

    Branding | Mix Use Space | Lounge Seating | Cafeteria | Tables & Chairs

  • Services:

    Budget Management | Space Planning | Furniture Procurement | Project Management | Installation

  • Category:

    Higher Education